Peugeot 807 Photo Gallery

he new Peugeot 807 continues to present as a large van to transport the family and with the ability to load large volume of goods, even bulky objects. Like previous models is capable of carrying up to 8 passengers, although you can adjust the seats to balance the necessary space for passengers and cargo, making it an ideal car face any circumstance.

As usual in this type of vehicle, the changes are not very bulky. But you can see how the grille and the Peugeot logo have been renovated with a modern flair. On the rear of the tailgate trim was also provided with a more attractive.

It has also been upgraded finishes and quality of materials thanks to its two new taciperías available as standard, the Cocher Grey Grey Morning and Cocher Bise.

The dashboard features a completely new air arc shape, very rounded, which starts and finishes in each of the uprights of the window, rising above the scoreboard. Some controls, such as climate and navigation have moved to the center console in order to achieve a faster and easier access to them. The same has been achieved with the shift lever to position it to greater heights.

The new Peugeot 807 is noted for the large space for glazing rear doors, which allow more lights and more enjoyable trip to the rear seat passengers.

Inside the new Peugeot 807 can also be enjoyed during the journey of different interactive entertainment systems, such as music using CD and mp3, or USB and Bluetooth connection system, where you can connect the laptop.